My Fall/Winter Shoes

As much as any girl loves her shoes(and I collect loads of them), during the summer I pretty much live in flip flops or sandals. So I usually use the fall/winter months to play around with my footwear.

Theses shoes are what's on heavy rotation this upcoming season. 

Clockwise from upper left.
Brogues/oxfords - I have been waiting a good 6 months to a year for these puppies to go on sale and when the finally did I snatched them up. I love the grey tone to these oxfords because you can really wear them with anything without looking too dressed up. Frye Delia Saddle Oxfords
Heeled booties - These are a laced version. But I've been eyeing the Rag & Bone Harrow Boots(but who am I to spend $500 on shoes right now?!!) But I've these pair of shoes for over 2 years and they have surprisingly have kept in tact. Especially since they're from Forever 21.
Low heeled booties - I love these shoes! They are very comfortable and you really match these with anything. I've been planning to wear these with some fun tights and a cute dress. Sam Edelman Petty
Loafers - These are super trendy right now, and I honestly wouldn't have bought them if it weren't that reason. I simply saw these on so many girls and thought 'you know what they are cute' and had to get a pair myself. I stuck with a black velvet version. These are from Zara, and they are bit painful to break in but eventually that subsides and they are really fun and dress up any outfit. 

What are your favorite fall/winter shoes?


Nail Polish Remover Smackdown

I have been more than obsessed with nail polish these past months and so taking nail polish off has become very regular occurrence in my household. So for the purposes of finding out which remover is the best I tested out four. I based some of these opinions(mine of course) on a scale of 1-5. 

1. OPI Expert Touch Lacquer Remover
smell - very strong acetone smell
removal - 3/5, takes a bit of rubbing but eventually comes off
glitter test - 2/5, a little difficult if taking off large glitters
skin test - 2/5, is a little drying to the fingernails
Overall, I wouldn't purchase again. The others tested a lot better.

2. Essie Naturally Clean Purifying Nail Polish Remover
smell - slightly less offensive acetone smell, but has a bit of floral fragrance 
removal - 3/5, pretty good but not awesome
glitter test - 3/5, still a little hard to take off but better than the OPI
skin test - 4/5, for the most part it did not dry the skin/cuticles 
Overall, I found this to be better than I thought considering it still contained acetone and claims to be 'naturally clean'. I liked the fact that it wasn't overly drying and the smell was tolerable. 

3. Orly Nail Lacquer Remover (non-acetone gentle formula)
smell - very strong alcohol smell
removal - 3/5, very much the same as the last two
glitter test - 1/5 no good, no good at all
skin test - 2/5, quite drying probably because of the alcohol content
Overall, my least favorite of the four. Considering I use a lot of glitter polishes, this remover did nothing to remove them. Definitely won't repurchase.

4. Zoya 3-in-1 Formula Remove
smell - very fragrant, the best i've ever smelled actually(for a nail polish remover). 
removal - 4/5, very good. not the best(usually pure acetone is the best but is very VERY drying) but is very fast on removal.
glitter test - 3/5, I would say this and Essie's had the same results. 
skin test - 5/5, not drying at all! loved this aspect.
Overall, the hype about this remover is pretty on point. I also love the fact that it has a push pump dispenser so that you don't have waste too much product. It is my favorite nail polish remover that I've ever come across and will definitely be repurchasing again. 


Fall/Winter Wishlist

Fall/Winter Wishlist

Ah my fall/winter wishlist...these are the things I daydream about.

1. Mac Making Pretty Collection
I basically want anything from this collection. I could not for the life of me get a hold of any lipsticks from the past two mac collections (marilyn monroe & sailor) which was more than frustrating. So I'm hoping I'll get better luck with this one.

2. Giorgio Armani Maestro Foundation
I have to try the must have foundation of the season.

3. Guerlain 'Du Dragon' Meteorites 
I cannot escape from the beautiful packaging of these meteorites. I simply must have them all.

4. Louise Young LY20
Ever since I saw this on thesassiwench youtube video on makeup brushes I was enamored. I need to have this.

5. Beanies!
I've been loving beanies recently, my must have fall/winter accessory. 

6. Frye Engineer 8r Boots
I can just imagine wearing tight skinny jeans with these boots.

7. Rag & Bone Harrow Bootie 
I saw these on Rachel Bilson and have been lusting over these ever since.

8. Zara Jackets/Coats
I really want to invest in some coats this season. Definitely a leather, parka, and military/biker coat. 

9. Leather Skinny Jeans
I've always wanted a pair and it's one of the few trends this year I would love to partake in, especially these J Brand's.


Laura Mercier Illuminating Eye Color in Gilded Rose Gold

Most recently I've been quite into rose gold, which I know is so 2011. But I couldn't resist myself when I swatched this gem at my local Laura Mercier counter. I would've bought all of these eye shadows if I wasn't on a budget, I mean I wasn't even supposed to buy any. But once I swatched this eye shadow I was amazed at how soft it was. And instantly I was sold. 
The feel and texture of these shadows is honestly what sold me most. It's very similar to the texture of Burberry's eye shadows. But I do also love the color. It's a very true rosey gold, and is a standout when applied just by itself. It has pearl/metallic finish with bits of micro gold shimmers. 

I also love the tufted pattern on these shadows. I forgot to mention that this is from Laura Mercier's Art Deco Muse Collection for Winter 2012.

I believe these retail for $24 and can be found at Nordstrom or any Laura Mercier retailer.


What's On My Nails For Fall

I'm so relieved Fall is here in LA. Frankly, my power bill is relieved too. 

And well, along with the change of season comes the fun part of preparing a new Fall nail color line up. Or am I the only one who does that?...

Here's what I'll be wearing on my nails for Fall!
L-R OPI Goldeneye, Essie Bahama Mama, Butter London Wallis, Essie Going Incognito, OPI Live and Let Die, Orly Rage
Some lovely swatches. 

As you can see, I'm really into different tones/textures of green. From the antique gold/greenish Butter London Wallis to a more deep forest green with Essie Going Incognito, but I love OPI's Live and Let Die with its dark green/almost black with micro green shimmers. 

Of course a staple of Fall/Winter is a dark red and Essie Bahama Mama is gorgeous just about on everyone. I'm still waiting for Chanel's new holiday shade Malice, which should be coming in the mail any day now. 

Gold tones and rose gold are also on my radar for Fall. OPI Goldeneye is the perfect shimmery almost sequin looking gold. And of course the perfect rose gold shade hands down goes to Orly Rage.

I apologize if my pictures are a little wonky. I've given up on trying to get my hands on a nice camera and so hopefully my iPhone camera will be enough for now. 

Hope everyone's having a great Friday!
I luuve this illustration! 
(I would credit the artist but I don't know where this originated, help please!)


Scentsational : Tocca Cleopatra

I've been on this perfume kick lately, and I wanted to share one of my all time favorite scents Tocca Cleopatra. I discovered this many years ago shopping through Anthropologie. I spritzed it on my skin and sweater, and the next day I wore the same sweater and could not stop sniffing it. I was also quite surprised at how long the scent lasted. Of course I immediately went back and bought a bottle.

I would say this is a very feminine scent. I gravitate towards fruity and floral fragrances and this fragrance is definitely more on the floral side. The notes that stand out to me the most are grapefruit, jasmine, musk, and vanilla. I understand that everyones body chemistry plays a large part in how each fragrance translates, and on mine this scent becomes more floral and much more sweeter. It gives off a very musky floral. A friend of mine tried this on her skin and it did not smell as sweet. I hear Narciso Rodriguez For Her and SJP Lovely are very similar.

I cannot tell you how many times I've been stopped and asked what my perfume was when I wore this fragrance. I remember when I used to work in retail, men would ask me what my perfume was so they could buy it for their wives. I've bought bottles of this throughout the years and I will probably continue to do so. I currently have it in solid form (pictured above).

The Tocca fragrance lineup is full of many gorgeous scents. If you guys were interested, I would try the mini trio's that they sell in a pack. I'm also in love with miniature perfume bottles so I've been trying to get my hands on one of the mini trio's it seems forever.

I believe Tocca is sold through Sephora and Barneys.

Have you tried Tocca fragrances?

PS. I'm hoping to start blogging more frequently. I apologize for my long absence, it's been a little busy these past couple of months for me. I also have to admit that I was on a bit of a makeup ban but who am I kidding, how can you avoid all these beautiful holiday collections?


My Olympic Fav's

This is a little late, but I had to share my favorite parts of the Olympics. 

1. Aliya Mustafina's Fierce Eye Makeup
Out of all the beautiful and interesting makeup looks throughout the olympics, Aliya Mustafina's was the most fiercest(fierce is the best way I can describe her look). I love the smokey metallics she used in competition and I found even myself trying imitate the look. 

2. United Airlines "Getting Ready" Commercial
I just have to say how much I randomly love this commercial. I'm no advert/design/film/commercial geek whatsoever but the smart transitions and beautifully placed shots is just so wonderful to watch. I especially love the discus throwers part. 

3. Missy Franklin's Pearl Earrings
When I go near any body of water I'm always afraid of losing jewelry, so I always avoid wearing them. But Missy Franklin obviously wasn't thinking about losing her pearl earrings during the Olympics. I loved that she rocked the earrings and had me pulling mine out of the drawer.

4. The Spice Girls!
These women looked soo amazing. It's been 16 years since their debut and they've managed to look even better now. My favorite has always been Posh but Baby came a close second. In my opinion they were a fantastic addition to the closing ceremony highlighting the huge Spice Girl influence of the 90s.


The Lip Balm Trials : Rodin olio lusso Lip Balm

Hearing nothing but great reviews on the brand Rodin, I picked two items from the line; the lip balm and hair oil. It's not like I need any more lip balms. I could not believe it when I looked at my vanity table and I had a jar full of lip balms that I probably would never entirely use up. I would most likely lose them one by one, and sadly I've already lost one of my Maybelline Baby Lips and Sugar lip balms. So I thought to myself, why not add one more to the pile?

The all-natural lip balm's effect to ones lips is to smooth and soften, just as their face oil to ones complexion(which I would love to try if it wasn't for my fear wreaking havoc of my ultra sensitive skin). The ingredients include jasmine, orange flower oil, shea butter, beeswax, and castor seed oil. You can smell a faint hint of jasmine when applying to your lips. I think it's great that it is not overwhelmingly fragrant as some balms/lipsticks can be.

Encased in a high quality plastic compact, I love the understated simplicity of the packaging. You can definitely differentiate that this is not your average joe Chapstick. It is wonderfully lux.

I was surprised at how hard the formulation is. The balm is not soft as say Rosebud Salve but more so the texture of Baby Lips. Let's just say it took being in 100 degree weather for the balm to become malleable. Once on the lips the texture is just as described smooth and soft, and hydrating. I have been using this for the past month in my morning lip routine and it is working great.

Overall a welcomed addition to my collection of lip balms. I am still looking for the HG of lip balms but this comes very close.

This retails for $30 and can be purchased on the Rodin olio lusso website.

Can a girl really have too many?...


Werq That Hair

The weather this summer season has been particular to say the least. As a Southern Californian I shouldn't be complaining because it has been significantly grueling everywhere else in the country. But my hair has just been a unhappy mess because of the abrupt changes. 

To relieve it of its frizzy, tangled, and dryness I've been using these four products.

Phyto Phytovolume Actif Volumizer Spray (for Fine and Limp Hair)
Naturally, I have very thin and flat hair. I dream of having locks a la Zooey Deschanel and Sarah Jessica Parker. And I've never mastered the practice of back combing so I have to rely on other help. I picked this product up to help me with volume and I have to say that I haven't really found much difference before and after. I'm not sure if I'm using it correctly, but I'm not fully satisfied with the results. Also my hair was left feeling as though it had product in it(I usually like it when hair product is undetectable). I also wish the spray cap was a continuous spray like hair spray bottles but you have to constantly press the spray cap to release the product. But I'm going to try and use it all up just so I don't feel its a total waste. This product retails for $28 for 4.2 oz.

Organix Hydrating Macadamia Oil
I absolutely LOVE this product. In comparison to the many choices of hair oils these days, I believe this one smells the best. Mind you, my hair is quite long so using a product that smells like car fumes or sugar can leave me with a headache because I do have to use a lot of it to cover the length of my hair. In the past I have used the Macadamia Natural Oil brand and Moroccan Oil (I have yet to use Argan oil, but is it the same as Moroccan?), and in my opinion these all work to keep the hair looking healthy. But the smell of this Organix is significantly better than the others. Organix also has a moroccan oil, but the smell isn't as wonderful. Not to mention this brand is a lot cheaper than its counterparts, his can be found at CVS for about $8.

Moroccan Oil Frizz Control
I got this bottle from the spring New Beauty TestTube. I haven't used all that much until recently and I've been really liking it. It helps tame the frizziness and also add a bit of hold(or maybe that was because I used it in conjunction with some hairspray). I usually spray this on the ends of my hair because those parts are usually the most uncontrollable. The ends are also dry as hell because they have been over-died and over-processed. I bet this product would work really well with curly/wavy hair. My hair is straight with a little waviness at times. It's probably safe to say that I could find a similar product on a cheaper scale but this was a welcome surprise in my TestTube. I believe this retails for $32.

It's a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product
I don't know who doesn't get tangles after washing your hair, but my hair is completely unmanageable after washing it. I seriously have one hairbrush that I CANNOT live without because it is the only thing that will untangle my hair after the shower. But this product is a great addition in helping untangle my hair. I'm not sure it was meant to be a hair detangler but this is what I've been using this product for. This product also came in the New Beauty TestTube(my favorite beauty subscription service) and I believe the 2oz I received retails for $12 but I've seen them at Nordstrom Rack for less.

Did you guys find a great hair product recently? Let me know!


Current Obsessions

1. Doing my nails!
I love painting my nails as much as the next girl, when I'm good I usually change it maybe every week. These are my instagrams and for the past week or so I pretty much have a new color on my nails every two days. 

2. Body Mists
I have a small travel size Victoria Secret body mist in the scent Appletini that I cannot stop using. I've been obsessively using it for the past month or so and take it everywhere with me! lol Once I'm finished with this bottle I am heading to the nearest Victoria Secret or Bath and Body Works. 

3. DJ Khaled - Take It To The Head

4. Spotify
I love this app. It really has just about EVERY song ever. Very easy to use and am currently debating on whether or not to sign up for the monthly service for my iPhone. 


Nars All About Cheek Palettes

L-Joie de Vivre R-Danmari
I think it's completely brilliant that Nars has been putting out cheek palettes. Acquiring these blushes/highlighters/bronzers one at a time would seriously put a large dent in my pocket so it's like they heard my wishes and with a discount I could collect a nice selection of them!

I loved the Danmari palette from winter and now through Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale they have put out the Joie de Vivre palette. And the color selection is just perfect! They both contain Orgasm but who wouldn't want more of that? ;-P
I've been using Luster in the Joie de Vivre palette a lot lately. It gives me a sun-kissed glow perfect for summer. It's so gorgeous. Joie de Vivre also contains the famous Laguna bronzer. 

The Danmari palette contains Hungry Heart Duo (II), Casino, Orgasm, Super Orgasm, Desire, and Sin. The Joie de Vivre palette contains Albatross, Gaiety, Luster, Laguna, Orgasm, and Angelika. 

These palettes are perfect for anyone who wants a taste of Nars blushes. The Danmari palette is no longer available but the Joie de Vivre is currently a Nordstrom exclusive. If you are interested I would go get one asap as the Danmari sold out pretty fast. It retails for $65. 


It's Getting Hot In Here

Hot in, so hot in here! So hot in, hot, oh!
With a little bit of, uh uh, and a little bit of, uh uh

wow...i'm liking that a bit too much right now.

In honor of summer and the ever growing list in my head here is my summer wishlist.

Summer Wishlist
From upper left clockwise:

Sheer Lipsticks (especially the Giorgio Armani's)
Victoria Secret Rio Push-up Bandeau Top
Jo Malone Wild Bluebell
Dolce Vita Imogen Loafers
Zara Sleeveless T-Shirts
Oribe Apres Beach Wave & Shine Spray
Prada Sunglasses
Frye Delia Saddle Oxfords


Chanel Foundation/Powder Brush #7

For a while I was obsessed with duo fiber brushes.

Yah, that's a sentence DEFINITELY coming from a makeup/beauty addict. I mean who says that...

Anyway, I wasn't joking. I really was obsessed for a bit. I have this Borghese duo fiber brush that I became consumed with and always used it for foundation/blush/primer. And then I would talk about it incessantly to my bff, because I swear it had magical powers.

So then my birthday rolls around and she decides to get me the Chanel duo fiber foundation brush to I guess shut me up because every time I passed by those brushes at the Chanel counter I would always ooh and ahh. 

Now I've been using this brush ever since then for about 3 months now and let's just say we've had our ups and downs. 
First, I observed that the #7 brush was made in China. While the eyebrow brush #12 (reviewed here) was made in France. I suppose I haven't really seen a major difference in quality between the brushes (I also have the #13 eyeliner brush which is made in France, and the touch up/kabuki brush which is made in China). But I am kinda bummed out that they are not all made in France. Not that I have anything against things made in China. It's just I buy into the hype of anything made in France. 

So when I first started using the brush there was A LOT of fallout with the bristles. I didn't experience this with my other duo fiber brushes so I was a little miffed. But after 2-3 washes/uses there was no longer any fallout. 

This brush is soft and is excellent with the application of foundation/primer. These past few weeks I've been reaching for this brush pretty much every time I wear foundation. Overall, I would have to say that this brush is just ok. This brush definitely lost points with me through the whole bristle fallout and made in China thing. Maybe if the price point was a little less then it would be more worth it. But then again I didn't buy it...and I like free things.

The #7 brush retails for $54 and can be purchased at Nordstroms or chanel.com.

Any recommendations for other duo fiber brushes?

P.S. I still haven't found a permanent camera solution yet. These pictures were taken quite a while ago when I did have a camera at my disposal. 


Hey There Stranger (from you to me)

I cannot tell you how much I really wish I could blog more consistently but unfortunately I have been sans camera. And I really don't want to post crappy pictures through my iPhone because well isn't there enough of those on the internet?... 

Not to say that mine are better than others, because I'm the first to admit that I suck taking pictures. But I want y'all to see that I try =D

Hopefully I'll be figuring out the camera situation soon. 

In the mean time I hope everyone has a fun and most importantly SAFE fourth of july! 

<3 Jackie


Nars Ramatuelle Trio Eyeshadow

Summer is here, well in two days to be exact, and I want a beach vacation soo bad!

I just wish I could be in the lovely city of Ramatuelle, France where this eyeshadow trio got it's namesake from.
Doesn't it look so serene and picturesque?!

I guess the closest I'll be getting to that location is Nars' eyeshadow trio.

Nars translated the feel of summer and mediterranean sunsets with this trio of shadows, and is on trend with the orange.
I quite like this combination of colors. The silver and gold(temptalia calls the shade a pale peach but I don't see it) shades are quite understated and the burnt orange/peach shade acts as a little pop of warmness to the eyes.

Although I love combination of colors, there were more cons I experienced with these shadows, one was that the silver and gold shades sometimes would look a little alike.
When I used the silver and gold shadows together it was a little hard to differentiate the colors when I applied with a light hand. They are also both a tad frosty, I prefer a more metallic than frosty. The color payoff is at a medium opacity.

The burnt orange/peach shade is very subtle and is actually a great crease color in combination with the silver and gold. The color payoff with this shade was also at a medium opacity. Even though I think the silver and gold look a little similar the combination of all colors' outcome is still quite beautiful on the eye. But only with a lot of playing around. 

Overall, this trio is not really a must have in my opinion because of the color payoff and the colors can be easily dupable. It's really too bad that I didn't like this product because I usually LOVE everything and anything Nars makes. Oh well, can't win em' all right?


Current Obsessions

1. Anything from Zara
I seriously love EVERY single thing I see at Zara. I'm obsessed with their shirts, shoes, bags, and jackets!! I don't know why I hadn't been interested in this store sooner but I definitely see the light now lol.

2. M83 - Midnight City
This song has been on nonstop rotation.

3. Prada Candy
I've been loving this perfume lately. It's just the perfect scent for feeling feminine with a little edge.

4. Burgers!
Dan's Inferno Burger @ Fusion Burger
I don't know if it's because of summer or watching too many Today show segments where they feature a burger being made. OR that it's burger week? But I've eaten a burger for the past 3 days straight. I seriously can't get enough of them!


La Mer 'The Powder'

This product had been on my wishlist for a while now and I'm so glad I finally got my hands on it. I got it as a birthday present last month and have used it quite a bit since.

It's encased in a huge luxurious tub and I believe you get about 25 grams of product, which is a lot! It's probably going to last me for a long time. So the $65 price tag is definitely well worth it. 
I've never really tried any skin products from La Mer because my skin is so dang sensitive so I rarely try skincare products for that reason. But makeup from one of the most luxurious skincare brands in the market? Yes please!

There are four different shades for 'The Powder'. Even though it is a translucent powder I do think the difference in your undertone can make a difference in the effect, so I'm glad they offer various shades. I choose neutral because I had noticed that some of the shades were quite shimmery and so the sales associate said that neutral had no shimmer. But from looking at it much closer, it does contain a bit of very micro shimmers. Which is ok with me. 

This is Nordstroms description:
Incredibly lightweight, this luxurious loose powder gives skin the perfect finish. Air-spun seaborne particles—some of the lightest materials on earth—offer translucent coverage and an imperceptible finish that leaves skin looking flawless.
This product is soo super soft and luxurious and very finely milled. I adore using this as my setting powder. It applies beautifully on the skin and works wonderfully to set my makeup all day. 

I love to use my Chanel kabuki with this product. =)
I would say that there are probably other setting powders that are comparable and less expensive. But I'm an ultimate believer in you get what you pay for. That's probably why I gravitate towards more luxurious brands. 

Overall, not necessarily a must have but a great addition to any beauty collection. 


YSL Glossy Stain 19 Beige Aquarelle

First and foremost, I have to blame my long absence on my lack of a camera and my lack of time. I've been trying to keep busy getting my life on track these days I've abandoned my little indulgences in the mean time (my blog being one). 

I wish I knew how people balance their internet lives with their actual lives. I mean recently I've been quite obsessed with instagram, which is what usually happens with new and exciting sites ie. pinterest, twitter. I obsess with it for maybe a month and then I get over it faster than you can say I'm over it. 

Anywho, I'm hoping one day I'll snap out of my short attention span. **crosses fingers**

Sorry for the rant.

In the mean time I have many many overdue product posts.

I think I'm determined to collect all the colors in the YSL Glossy Stain collection because I just love the dang things so much. I managed to add another color to my collection, #19 Beige Aquarelle.
It is a creamy light pale pink. On my lips it reads a little too pale for my skin tone but after experimenting with it I've found that as long as you only use a light layer it won't read 60's mod girl. 
I'm not sure why but the photo comes off with a little purple undertone(or maybe it's just me). I assure you that there is none. The formula for this shade is similar to the other two shades I have in my collection. I would say the difference in color makes no difference in their formula individually.

If you're going for Kim Kardashian look I would say this lipstick fits the bill, if you look at her lipstick/lipgloss choices you'll understand what I'm saying. It wasn't a initial hit for me but from playing around with it I've learned how to make it work for me. Instead of using the sponge applicator, I use my finger to blend in the color and this method worked best. 

Overall, probably not one of the best in the collection but if applied with the right method can yield fantastic results. 


Chanel Angled Brow Brush #12

What can I say, I'm a sucker for anything Chanel.

I received four Chanel brushes for my birthday and I would love to share my thoughts on their #12 brow brush. 
First and foremost, I'm definitely not an expert on brushes. Nor do I have much experience with 'higher end' brushes like Hakuhodo or Mac. So this post is purely for appreciation and observation. 

I believe this brush is made of a mix of natural and synthetic hairs. It is quite stiff to help accurately apply color to ones brows. My previous brow brush was actually an Elf lip brush that had stiff synthetic bristles. I had never tried using an angled brush for my brows and now I could see why angled brushes are super helpful for them.
The angle of the brush is really great for creating shape. It took me less time to shape my brows with this brush than it typically does with my Elf brush or even with my eyebrow pencils. 

The handle itself is really lightweight. I have a Borghese brow brush that weighs more on your hand. In my opinion, the weight of the handle doesn't really make a difference for me as far as quality.

Overall, I really like this brush and have been using this everyday. This brush is probably one of the priciest as far as eyebrow brushes go(it retails for $30), but it has been worth it for me.

What is your favorite tool for your eyebrows?


My Favorite Drugstore Products

Maybelline Waterproof Mascaras
I only wear waterproof mascara because other mascaras are so heavy on my lashes that my lashes don't stay curled. I have tried others but the Falsies and Full N' Soft have the best wands for applying mascara evenly. They separate and give volume to my lashes giving that 'are those fake lashes' effect.

Revlon Nail Polishes
The formula of these polishes truly hold up to those from Chanel, Dior, and Deborah Lippman. They are long wearing and offer a great variety of colors. If you see a nail polish color that you like from Chanel/etc, you could probably find a great dupe from Revlon.

Covergirl Outlast All-Day Lipcolor
These lipstick/lipgloss hybrids are one of my favorite long lasting lip products on the market. I have worn these through meals and drinks without having to reapply. They have lasted me as long as 8 hours. 

I luuuv these brushes. These brushes are probably the reason I didn't feel the need to invest in 'higher end' brushes. They feel so soft on the skin and are earth friendly! I have used and washed the heck out of these brushes and the bristles are still intact as like the first day I got them.

Neutrogena Body Wash
I am a bar soap kinda gal, but once I started working out a lot I started to get little bumps and sometimes even pimples on my back/arms/shoulders because of all the perspiration. I started to use this body wash and it pretty much cleared up everything. I highly recommend this if you get body breakouts!

What are your favorite drugstore products?
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