Happy New Year Folks!

This is my inaugural post for a new undertaking under a new year! Phew... I have been quietly planning and contemplating about having a blog but have procrastinated it for so long. But alas this is a new year and I truly believe this is THE year to try new things! This blog is probably going to consist of the three main things I love the most: food, cosmetics, and most recently fitness/nutrition.

So i'll first begin with a post about foundation. I have recently have been obsessed with finding the perfect foundation. For some reason I cannot find the perfect match for my skin! I'm not sure if I'm picking the wrong complexion color with the wrong undertone. But I'm pretty sure I have a yellow undertone. I used the vein test, where if your veins are green you have a warm undertone which leans toward yellow or blue veins which means you cool undertones which leans towards pink. But there are neutral undertones which just confuses me even more because neutral undertones are supposed to look good with both silver and gold, which is another test I used. PHEW! Wow, I know. If your exhausted by that, I'm 10x more.

Anywhoo, I recently tried the Givenchy Photo'Perfexion in 7 Perfect Gold. This foundation has a SPF of 20 and the 7 Perfect Gold is for medium olive complexions with neutral undertones. This is a liquid foundation and is very creamy. 

PROS: I tend to like more medium to full coverage foundations so this was right up that alley. I was reading some reviews that labeled this foundation light but in my opinion it was more so a medium coverage that was build-able to a full coverage. The consistency was smooth and applied well to my face with a foundation brush. I didn't use a primer but the foundation lasted for a good 6 hours without any fading. It would have probably lasted longer if I hadn't wash it off to go to bed. My skin is currently super flaky because of winter. More so this winter for some reason. But this foundation did not cake. It actually gave my skin a very nice glow and no flakes to be seen. The foundation also had a wonderful fragrance that wasn't too overpowering. 
CONS: The hydrating factor of this foundation was great, but I think if a person with oily skin would use this foundation it would definitely give them a unwanted shine. My forehead got a bit too shiny after a while. But I welcomed it because I'm desperate for some glowing skin. lol. Hey my skin is crazy dry right now. 

The 7 Perfect Gold color was actually a bit too dark for me. It gave tan look, which I don't really want right now. I'm currently going for a vampire look, meaning I would like to have the lightest skin possible for my skin type. I'm a filipina and am probably a standard medium color. Not too light and not too dark. I'm probably going to try the 106 Perfect Pecan which is for medium olive complexions with yellow undertones. I was originally supposed to try the 106, but they(sephora) had run out. 


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