Chanel Angled Brow Brush #12

What can I say, I'm a sucker for anything Chanel.

I received four Chanel brushes for my birthday and I would love to share my thoughts on their #12 brow brush. 
First and foremost, I'm definitely not an expert on brushes. Nor do I have much experience with 'higher end' brushes like Hakuhodo or Mac. So this post is purely for appreciation and observation. 

I believe this brush is made of a mix of natural and synthetic hairs. It is quite stiff to help accurately apply color to ones brows. My previous brow brush was actually an Elf lip brush that had stiff synthetic bristles. I had never tried using an angled brush for my brows and now I could see why angled brushes are super helpful for them.
The angle of the brush is really great for creating shape. It took me less time to shape my brows with this brush than it typically does with my Elf brush or even with my eyebrow pencils. 

The handle itself is really lightweight. I have a Borghese brow brush that weighs more on your hand. In my opinion, the weight of the handle doesn't really make a difference for me as far as quality.

Overall, I really like this brush and have been using this everyday. This brush is probably one of the priciest as far as eyebrow brushes go(it retails for $30), but it has been worth it for me.

What is your favorite tool for your eyebrows?


My Favorite Drugstore Products

Maybelline Waterproof Mascaras
I only wear waterproof mascara because other mascaras are so heavy on my lashes that my lashes don't stay curled. I have tried others but the Falsies and Full N' Soft have the best wands for applying mascara evenly. They separate and give volume to my lashes giving that 'are those fake lashes' effect.

Revlon Nail Polishes
The formula of these polishes truly hold up to those from Chanel, Dior, and Deborah Lippman. They are long wearing and offer a great variety of colors. If you see a nail polish color that you like from Chanel/etc, you could probably find a great dupe from Revlon.

Covergirl Outlast All-Day Lipcolor
These lipstick/lipgloss hybrids are one of my favorite long lasting lip products on the market. I have worn these through meals and drinks without having to reapply. They have lasted me as long as 8 hours. 

I luuuv these brushes. These brushes are probably the reason I didn't feel the need to invest in 'higher end' brushes. They feel so soft on the skin and are earth friendly! I have used and washed the heck out of these brushes and the bristles are still intact as like the first day I got them.

Neutrogena Body Wash
I am a bar soap kinda gal, but once I started working out a lot I started to get little bumps and sometimes even pimples on my back/arms/shoulders because of all the perspiration. I started to use this body wash and it pretty much cleared up everything. I highly recommend this if you get body breakouts!

What are your favorite drugstore products?


Inglot Freedom System

Last March I went to NYC and the only piece of beauty product I purchased was an Inglot 5 Palette. I purchased it at their store in Times Square. There are only a couple of places you can purchase Inglot around Los Angeles and they're both in Orange County, and I haven't really found the opportunity to visit those stores...yet. 
L-R; 418 Pearl, 495 D.S., 607 Pearl, 31 AMC Shine, 372 Matte
 So seeing as I just happened to come across the Inglot store in NYC I knew I had to get something since I haven't tried any of their products. I've always been interested in getting some eyeshadows with their Freedom System. The packaging has been raved about from so many beauty gurus and I have to agree. I won't go into details about the packaging seeing as they are now pretty well known in the beauty community.

I love pigmentation of these shadows. They are super pigmented! The textures vary from color and consistency, normal for the price. I would say they are very comparable to mac shadows. But mac shadows are a bit more expensive compared to these. 

Here are the swatches:
I picked mostly bright/vibrant shades because of the color payoff. I eventually would love to pick up more shades, hopefully I'll be able to visit the stores here in Southern California in the near future.

Overall, you get more than what you pay for with these shadows. In terms of comparing them with MAC, I would say they are on the same level. But since Inglot shadows are $5/shade and MAC's are $11.50/shade, Inglot wins slightly. 


Guerlain Pucci: Météorites Perles D'Azur

Love, love, lovin' this!

I've never tried any of the previous Météorites before, but I'm certainly glad I took the plunge with this one. 

First, the packaging. GORG! 'Nuff said.
The iconic Pucci pattern adorns the lid of the vessel. 

Inside are beautiful balls of ivory, peach, pink, and blue. Each color in combination illuminate the skin, blurring out imperfections. The smell is of hard watermelon candies.

Description from Nordstrom:
Featuring blue and pink to counter the yellow tones in tired complexions for a corrective effect, beige and orange to warm up the complexion and create an even tan for an evening effect and ivory and white-gold light reflectors for an illuminating effect.

I normally don't like too much shimmer all over my face, and I purchased this sight unseen so I was really hoping it would't be too shimmery. So I was relieved to experience very little shimmer on my face when applied. The effect of this is pretty amazing. It instantly brightened my face and gave me an airbrushed look. It's like a better version of Make Up For Ever's HD Powder or Bare Minerals Mineral Veil.

I'm so happy I didn't pass on this product, as I had with the Cruel Gardenia earlier this year. Still regret not getting that one. 

If you are thinking about purchasing this don't hesitate! I already don't see it on the Sephora website, but it's still on the Nordstrom website.

This product retails for $59 and contains 1.05oz of product.

I Lust You

I'm a little obsessed with Zara's footwear selection right now.



Empties : Eye Cream Samples Edition

Lately I've been trying to use up some of the many samples I have. And for the past few months or so I've been particularly focused on my eye region. I guess since I had an upcoming birthday and the prospect of aging was kind of scaring me a little, I've been on this anti-aging mission.

Well I managed to use up three different samples of eye creams and I would like to share my thoughts on them.

1. 3LAB WW Eye Cream
Features and Benefits:
- Firms the skin giving the appearance of a lift.
- Increases circulation in the delicate orbital eye area, thus reducing the appearance of dark circles.
- De-puffs under eye baggage.
- Repairs the skin from past environmental damage.

Key Ingredients:
- 3LAB’s proprietary ingredient Nano Claire-GY™ rebuilds the cellular matrix.
- Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) suppresses melanin and combats any UV damage.
- Glucosyl Hesperidin stimulates circulation and evens tone.
- Adenosine reduces the effect of calcium, the main messenger of facial contractions inside the cells which lead to wrinkling.
- Matriyxl 3000 stimulates fibroblasts for increased collagen production resulting in significant reduction of wrinkles.

I really wasn't too impressed with this eye cream. There were days where I did wake up and my eyes were still a little puffy. The formula is quite creamy but also had a sort of gel consistency. In opinion this really didn't do much for my eyes. I saw no difference from when I started using this product until it ran out which was about 3 weeks, which I think is enough time to see some evidence.
This retails for $260 for 0.5 oz. 

2. Murad Resurgence Renewing Eye Cream
What it is:
An eye cream that combats puffiness, crow's feet, and dark circles while dramatically increasing firmness and replenishing lost hydration. 

What it is formulated to do:
This product firms and restores the delicate eye area. It diminishes undereye puffiness and dark circles while reducing the appearance of medium to deep wrinkles. 

This eye cream was actually the creamiest out of the three. I definitely felt the hydrating effects. But I also have to say that this did nothing noticeable for my eyes in terms of de-puffing and brightening. I did feel a slight lift and tightening. 
This retails for $73 for 0.5 oz.

3. Chanel Ultra Correction Lift Total Eye Lift
A skincare breakthrough, only from CHANEL. Youthful-looking skin requires more than a boost of collagen and elastin. It also requires tensin ¿ a critical protein naturally abundant in young skin and the key to helping retain skin’s firmness. Stimulating the production of tensin, new ULTRA CORRECTION LIFT Total Eye Lift helps lift the skin of the delicate eye area from within, while also minimizing puffiness and dark circles. Upon application, the light, silky-smooth formula (ideal for use under makeup) cushions and comforts the skin. Eyes look instantly relaxed and revitalized, revealing a new radiance.

This was the most effective eye cream I tried out of the three. I definitely saw signs of de-puffing. My eyes are susceptible to allergies and become puffy easily, and this eye cream was very helpful in calming down my lids. As far as brightening and lift I only experienced a slight lift but not really. lol. I mean my eyes are still in their 20's so they're still pretty tight. I would say that I probably will buy the full size product when I'm done using up all of other eye samples. Unless I find a more amazing one of course.
This retails for $100 for 0.5 oz.

All in all I would have to rate the Chanel as the best of the three. I saw the most results from that particular cream. My suggestion is that if you are in your 20's it is never too early to begin preserving your skin. It is the largest organ in your body and why not take good care of it right? 

What are some your favorite eye creams? 


Birthday Haul

It seemed like all of April was my birthday lol. I mean, why not right?

Just wanted to share some of the gifts I received from my lovely boyfriend/friends/family. 

I basically got many of the items I had wanted on my wishlist. It's funny because for events such as Christmas/Birthdays/Anniversaries I always ask for what I want because then I'll get what I actually wanted. lol. I have to say I'm really picky/particular when it comes to everything so even though say I like the color blue that doesn't necessarily mean I like baby blue. So that's why I ask for what I want. 

Anywho, here's what I received.
New Chanel Brushes! To be reviewed..

Nars Ramatuelle Trio Eyeshadows
Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel
La Mer The Powder
Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac

And the pièce de résistance
My Anya Hindmarch Bruton 
And on the right is a little version of it that my bf had made out of paper. He gave that to me because I hadn't received the real one through the mail yet. Cute right?!

I have also some other items that I treated myself to but still haven't come in the mail yet.

I am truly blessed to have such amazing people in my life.


Dior Diorskin Poudre Shimmer Amber Lights

I acquired this highlighter quite a while ago and never got the chance to post about it. So here it is, with all its glory. 

This highlighter is simply gorgeous. It is the color of a mermaids tan.
Well that's what I imagine what a mermaids tan would look like. Sorry its late.

Anyway, I was originally planning to buy the other color of Diorskin Shimmer Star, Rose Diamond. But when I swatched Rose Diamond the color came off a bit chalky and I deemed it too light/pale for my medium skin tone.
Here is a swatch:
Amber Lights blends to this gorgeous pearly light gold. The texture is amazingly soft and buttery.  

This highlighter is quite shimmery so I use this mostly during night because it looks a bit much in the sunlight. But then again I always pile on more blush/bronzer/highlighter than I should during the daytime. So maybe it's just me...

Overall, this is an amazing product. Very beautiful on the skin and gives a wonderful glow(like a JLo glow).

This product retails for $44 and can be found at most department stores.
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