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New Years Resolutions

Being overdue of posting entries should be one.
I believe I started this blog on an attempt to make blogging a new years resolution, but I have to admit it's been 3 years! and I cannot get myself to habitually make content. At the point where I started, the beauty internet world was new to me that I was immediately hooked. I knew that I loved makeup, I loved wearing makeup, I loved buying makeup and that's why I wanted to join this community. It became an addiction to see what was new and what I should buy next. Sadly, that's when I started to question my intentions for this outlet. I love makeup, that's no question. But do I really need to have 50 lipsticks?! And shamefully I know I still haven't truly understood this realization because I have a Sephora order with one more lipstick coming in the mail. 
I cannot say that this lifestyle and beauty product addiction is unhealthy for everyone. Because I am well aware that everyone has their own type of indulgences wh…

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