Nars Ramatuelle Trio Eyeshadow

Summer is here, well in two days to be exact, and I want a beach vacation soo bad!

I just wish I could be in the lovely city of Ramatuelle, France where this eyeshadow trio got it's namesake from.
Doesn't it look so serene and picturesque?!

I guess the closest I'll be getting to that location is Nars' eyeshadow trio.

Nars translated the feel of summer and mediterranean sunsets with this trio of shadows, and is on trend with the orange.
I quite like this combination of colors. The silver and gold(temptalia calls the shade a pale peach but I don't see it) shades are quite understated and the burnt orange/peach shade acts as a little pop of warmness to the eyes.

Although I love combination of colors, there were more cons I experienced with these shadows, one was that the silver and gold shades sometimes would look a little alike.
When I used the silver and gold shadows together it was a little hard to differentiate the colors when I applied with a light hand. They are also both a tad frosty, I prefer a more metallic than frosty. The color payoff is at a medium opacity.

The burnt orange/peach shade is very subtle and is actually a great crease color in combination with the silver and gold. The color payoff with this shade was also at a medium opacity. Even though I think the silver and gold look a little similar the combination of all colors' outcome is still quite beautiful on the eye. But only with a lot of playing around. 

Overall, this trio is not really a must have in my opinion because of the color payoff and the colors can be easily dupable. It's really too bad that I didn't like this product because I usually LOVE everything and anything Nars makes. Oh well, can't win em' all right?


Current Obsessions

1. Anything from Zara
I seriously love EVERY single thing I see at Zara. I'm obsessed with their shirts, shoes, bags, and jackets!! I don't know why I hadn't been interested in this store sooner but I definitely see the light now lol.

2. M83 - Midnight City
This song has been on nonstop rotation.

3. Prada Candy
I've been loving this perfume lately. It's just the perfect scent for feeling feminine with a little edge.

4. Burgers!
Dan's Inferno Burger @ Fusion Burger
I don't know if it's because of summer or watching too many Today show segments where they feature a burger being made. OR that it's burger week? But I've eaten a burger for the past 3 days straight. I seriously can't get enough of them!


La Mer 'The Powder'

This product had been on my wishlist for a while now and I'm so glad I finally got my hands on it. I got it as a birthday present last month and have used it quite a bit since.

It's encased in a huge luxurious tub and I believe you get about 25 grams of product, which is a lot! It's probably going to last me for a long time. So the $65 price tag is definitely well worth it. 
I've never really tried any skin products from La Mer because my skin is so dang sensitive so I rarely try skincare products for that reason. But makeup from one of the most luxurious skincare brands in the market? Yes please!

There are four different shades for 'The Powder'. Even though it is a translucent powder I do think the difference in your undertone can make a difference in the effect, so I'm glad they offer various shades. I choose neutral because I had noticed that some of the shades were quite shimmery and so the sales associate said that neutral had no shimmer. But from looking at it much closer, it does contain a bit of very micro shimmers. Which is ok with me. 

This is Nordstroms description:
Incredibly lightweight, this luxurious loose powder gives skin the perfect finish. Air-spun seaborne particles—some of the lightest materials on earth—offer translucent coverage and an imperceptible finish that leaves skin looking flawless.
This product is soo super soft and luxurious and very finely milled. I adore using this as my setting powder. It applies beautifully on the skin and works wonderfully to set my makeup all day. 

I love to use my Chanel kabuki with this product. =)
I would say that there are probably other setting powders that are comparable and less expensive. But I'm an ultimate believer in you get what you pay for. That's probably why I gravitate towards more luxurious brands. 

Overall, not necessarily a must have but a great addition to any beauty collection. 


YSL Glossy Stain 19 Beige Aquarelle

First and foremost, I have to blame my long absence on my lack of a camera and my lack of time. I've been trying to keep busy getting my life on track these days I've abandoned my little indulgences in the mean time (my blog being one). 

I wish I knew how people balance their internet lives with their actual lives. I mean recently I've been quite obsessed with instagram, which is what usually happens with new and exciting sites ie. pinterest, twitter. I obsess with it for maybe a month and then I get over it faster than you can say I'm over it. 

Anywho, I'm hoping one day I'll snap out of my short attention span. **crosses fingers**

Sorry for the rant.

In the mean time I have many many overdue product posts.

I think I'm determined to collect all the colors in the YSL Glossy Stain collection because I just love the dang things so much. I managed to add another color to my collection, #19 Beige Aquarelle.
It is a creamy light pale pink. On my lips it reads a little too pale for my skin tone but after experimenting with it I've found that as long as you only use a light layer it won't read 60's mod girl. 
I'm not sure why but the photo comes off with a little purple undertone(or maybe it's just me). I assure you that there is none. The formula for this shade is similar to the other two shades I have in my collection. I would say the difference in color makes no difference in their formula individually.

If you're going for Kim Kardashian look I would say this lipstick fits the bill, if you look at her lipstick/lipgloss choices you'll understand what I'm saying. It wasn't a initial hit for me but from playing around with it I've learned how to make it work for me. Instead of using the sponge applicator, I use my finger to blend in the color and this method worked best. 

Overall, probably not one of the best in the collection but if applied with the right method can yield fantastic results. 
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