Giorgio Armani ETK 6 vs 15

Top R-L #6; Bottom R-L #15
So I was at Barney's one day and I got myself two Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill eyeshadows. What I didn't realize was that both the eyeshadows I had chosen were kind off the same color. I honestly didn't realize it because at the time I was swatching all of them and thought I choose the two I most liked. I guess I was really liking the golden/coppery shade that day.

Essentially, #6 is a lighter version of #15. The swatches of both eyeshadows look practically the same. You can see that in the pot, #15 has more darker bits of brown/gold than #6. 
Here are the swatches:
#6 L-Indoor R-Daylight 
#15 L-Indoor R-Daylight
As you can see from the swatches that they look identical swatched. I guess I should return one since I don't need two of the same color. 

The texture of these ETK are wonderfully soft. They also have a great color payoff and are extremely metallic. I definitely would only wear this during night time, and I'm not even the conservative type. 

My oily lids do lead to some creasing but when applied with some eye primer, these shadows last all day. 

Some say that the formula for the ETK are somewhat the same to Loreal's Infallible eyeshadows but I currently dont own any Infallible's so I can't say.

The packaging for these are very similar to Maybelline's Color Tattoos.
Overall, I can definitely see why these ETK eyeshadows have garnered such attention in the beauty world. If you are into a very metallic eye then I would suggest these eyeshadows to you. They are quite beautiful on the lids and though not earth shattering in my book, they are truly a gorgeous product. 

This product retails for $32 and can be found at Barney's or Nordstrom.


Current Obsessions

I have always loved Beyonce (I was going to name a dog I had after her, but good thing I didn't because at first we thought it was a girl but it turned out to be a boy). Her tumblr shows her gorgeous, enviable life and many candid photos.

2. Jennifer Lopez on American Idol
I don't know why I haven't really been into JLO in the past but I have become a new fan. I love her looks on American Idol and her glam/glowy/fabulous look is just my cup of tea.


Indulge Me Will Ya

Birthday Wishlist
Ahh every girls dreams. Well I guess just mine. 

I also wish for world peace, my world peace just happens to be in the form of a Chanel bronzer. JK


The Lip Balm Trials : Maybelline Baby Lips

 How cute are the packaging for these lip balms?!

Don't they remind you of the Stephen Sprouse Graffiti Louis Vuitton Prints?
Well I had found these on sale at Rite Aid and with my couponing skills I managed to snag these up for about .50 each. =D I've seen them around the blogosphere for a while now and was curious to see how they were.

And let me just say that these lip balms are delightful and that I really enjoy them. There's nothing negative I would say about this product. I currently use the peach kiss version and I almost cried when I thought I lost it. lol. The peach kiss has tiny shimmers in it that can be seen if you apply constantly (like I do). The peachy color does come off a bit frosty on the lips but does melt down becoming practically invisible. I believe the only other flavor I bought that has a bit of color is pink punch, which gives off a slight pink color.

It's not the most moisturizing formula, nor the most long lasting either. But it does the job when you need it.
L-R Quench; Pink Punch; Peach Kiss; Peppermint
They have an SPF of 20 and proclaim they give 8 hours moisture. But I experienced it to be more like 2 hours. But mind you, my lips are sensitive. 

The lip balms are packaged like a lipstick bullet. But I believe Maybelline has repackaged them to look like regular lip balms (ie chapstick, burts bees). I have to say that I prefer this packaging.

If you haven't tried these yet and you're looking for a lip balm I am totally recommending them. The retail price is $3.50 which is kind of steep for drugstore lip balm but partnered with a deal and a coupon they could go as low as free. 


YSL Glossy Stain 15 Rose Vinyl

It's been quite a hectic couple of weeks for me. Starting a new job and party planning my twentyahem birthday party. So I haven't really had too much of a chance to update my blog, my apologies.

Nonetheless, I did want to sneak in some time to rave about another YSL glossy stain.

I had previously written about my first YSL glossy stain here (1 Violet Edition), which I love. So I bought myself another color in 15 Rose Vinyl.

This stain has the same texture and feel as the Violet Edition. Although, I would say the main difference is that it does not leave such a long lasting stain as the Violet Edition did. I assume because the Violet Edition is such a deep color. Rose Vinyl is a fuscia/rose pink and can pack a lot of punch. The more layers you pile on, the brighter it becomes.

Rose Vinyl does contain a bit of tiny gold micro shimmers, but is very subtle and only shows in direct light.
I think this lip color is wearable during anytime of the day, it a universally flattering pink that would suit any skin tone. A+

This retails for $32 and can be found at Sephora or Nordstrom.


Top 5 Blushes

1. Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blushes

These blushes are long lasting and come in a variety of universally flattering shades. They are formulated without parabens, GMO's, petrochemicals, and sulfates. And they contain Tarte's Skinvigorating ingredients that help protect and improve our skin. Love this product.
2. Nars Blushes
With a cult status among makeup fanatics these blushes are a must have. They are very pigmented and wonderfully textured. 
3. Benefit Boxed Blushes

Not only do these blushes apply beautifully on the cheeks but the fun and quirky packaging is A+.
 4. Chanel Joues Contraste
The beautiful packaging, the classic cc logo. How can you not have one of these blushes in your collection?! They are also very finely milled and long lasting.
5. bareMinerals Blush
One of my very first blushes in my collection. They are heavily pigmented and come in a large array of colors. One pot will last you 10+ years. 

What are your favorite blushes?

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