Diptyque Sample Sale

I'm a little frustrated that this is happening and I don't live in New York. But if you do and are interested in getting Diptyque on the cheap I heard this was happening. 


White Musk

It would be wrong of me to not share one of my most used and loved products that I've only acquired these past few months. It happens to be a fragrance, and even though I have a number of fragrances in my disposal, I have been going back to this particular bottle almost everyday. Thank goodness it isn't expensive and it doesn't even come from a famous fragrance house(not a 'luxury' brand). It is The Body Shop's White Musk.

It is quite unremarkable and simple yet very addicting. I love smells that are powdery, musky, clean. This upholds each of these categories to the tee. It is not so complex and is something I don't even have to think twice when I spray it on, almost bordering onto a body mist imo. I have the eau de toilette version so it's basically a body mist to me anyway. The scent is not strong and does fade but gradually and just slightly lingers on your skin throughout the day. Really the essence of this fragrance is more than the powdery, musky, clean notes but memories of my childhood. I always love when I can link a certain scent to a great memory of my past.

Along with the bottle I use the body lotion along to help keep the scent with me all day. I have already used up the whole bottle of lotion and am more than half way with the fragrance. I will definitely be repurchasing when my bottle runs out.  


Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse

Dehydrated skin has been a constant problem for me, even during summers. I'm one to slather body lotion on my whole body every time I get out of the shower. Now it's become more of an ocd issue, but that's a whole other topic. I have used oils such as monoi oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, coconut oil, olive oil etc and loved each one for their scents and hydrating effects(though jojoba does not have scent imo). 
Enter Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse into my arsenal of oils. I've heard so many great things about this oil, and as one of the best selling products for Nuxe I was highly coveting it. It's also been on my wish list for so long I finally bit the bullet and purchased it on Beauty Sage, a fantastic natural/organic centric beauty store. The smell is so addicting, it reminds me of summer days on the beach(seriously, not even trying to be poetic) and floral hints of orange blossom and magnolias. I am excited to use this during the summer. Hopefully, it'll last me till then because I've been using it twice a day on my skin and nails. 

The oil contains a mixture of six types of oils borage, st. john's wort, sweet almond, camelia, hazelnut, and macadamia. It also contains vitamin E, and anti oxidant, and no preservatives. It easily absorbs into my skin and leaves it feeling moisturized for a good few hours. Like I mentioned I've been using it on my skin, hands and nails. I believe you can also use this for you hair, but since my hair is naturally oily the use of this on my hair leaves it more oilier. 
It's safe to say that I really like this oil, I've used it for the past month and have found it really enjoyable to use. I also want to mention that I really appreciate the spray cap because there is nothing more messier and costing than pouring oil into your palms. I am a definite fan and am planning to get my hands on the Parfum and OR when I get a chance. 


All Things Minty

All of a sudden I've found myself online searching for mint green everything and have fallen in love with a few items. I'm desperately coveting all of these!

Minty Lovin

Clockwise from top left

Heart Earrings
Vans Canvas Authentic
Porcelain Groove Mug
Cat Silicone Case for Iphone 5
Essie Mint Candy Apple
Nike Fisherman Beanie

What do you guys think about mint green?


Essie 'Mambo'

It's been a while.... 

While I have been MIA for four months I have missed posting. To be quite honest, I placed myself on a makeup/beauty product ban because I have way too much makeup that I could possibly need. But old habits die hard and let's just say that didn't last too long. 

So let's try this again.
Here goes. =P

I have more than fallen deep for nail polish during 2012. I had barely a box of 10-20 nail polishes during the beginning of 2012, and that quickly reached to over 80+ by the end of that year. It was really the year of nail polish for me. 

I purchased Essie Mambo pretty early on during my polish craze. I probably purchased this way before I really got into brights and glitters. It is a beautiful nude color and almost foundation looking on the nails. It has a bit of gold micro-shimmer in the bottle but is undetectable once on your nails. I had been wearing so many brights these past few months that I wanted to give my 'nail look' a little break for something a little tame. I feel like a classy Hampton's housewife with this color. lol

I've really come to like this color and I think it suits my medium tan coloring pretty nicely. The formula is a bit streaky so I would be careful and patient when applying this. Otherwise, a really lovely nail polish color. 

Here is on my nails. 

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