My Fall/Winter Shoes

As much as any girl loves her shoes(and I collect loads of them), during the summer I pretty much live in flip flops or sandals. So I usually use the fall/winter months to play around with my footwear.

Theses shoes are what's on heavy rotation this upcoming season. 

Clockwise from upper left.
Brogues/oxfords - I have been waiting a good 6 months to a year for these puppies to go on sale and when the finally did I snatched them up. I love the grey tone to these oxfords because you can really wear them with anything without looking too dressed up. Frye Delia Saddle Oxfords
Heeled booties - These are a laced version. But I've been eyeing the Rag & Bone Harrow Boots(but who am I to spend $500 on shoes right now?!!) But I've these pair of shoes for over 2 years and they have surprisingly have kept in tact. Especially since they're from Forever 21.
Low heeled booties - I love these shoes! They are very comfortable and you really match these with anything. I've been planning to wear these with some fun tights and a cute dress. Sam Edelman Petty
Loafers - These are super trendy right now, and I honestly wouldn't have bought them if it weren't that reason. I simply saw these on so many girls and thought 'you know what they are cute' and had to get a pair myself. I stuck with a black velvet version. These are from Zara, and they are bit painful to break in but eventually that subsides and they are really fun and dress up any outfit. 

What are your favorite fall/winter shoes?


Nail Polish Remover Smackdown

I have been more than obsessed with nail polish these past months and so taking nail polish off has become very regular occurrence in my household. So for the purposes of finding out which remover is the best I tested out four. I based some of these opinions(mine of course) on a scale of 1-5. 

1. OPI Expert Touch Lacquer Remover
smell - very strong acetone smell
removal - 3/5, takes a bit of rubbing but eventually comes off
glitter test - 2/5, a little difficult if taking off large glitters
skin test - 2/5, is a little drying to the fingernails
Overall, I wouldn't purchase again. The others tested a lot better.

2. Essie Naturally Clean Purifying Nail Polish Remover
smell - slightly less offensive acetone smell, but has a bit of floral fragrance 
removal - 3/5, pretty good but not awesome
glitter test - 3/5, still a little hard to take off but better than the OPI
skin test - 4/5, for the most part it did not dry the skin/cuticles 
Overall, I found this to be better than I thought considering it still contained acetone and claims to be 'naturally clean'. I liked the fact that it wasn't overly drying and the smell was tolerable. 

3. Orly Nail Lacquer Remover (non-acetone gentle formula)
smell - very strong alcohol smell
removal - 3/5, very much the same as the last two
glitter test - 1/5 no good, no good at all
skin test - 2/5, quite drying probably because of the alcohol content
Overall, my least favorite of the four. Considering I use a lot of glitter polishes, this remover did nothing to remove them. Definitely won't repurchase.

4. Zoya 3-in-1 Formula Remove
smell - very fragrant, the best i've ever smelled actually(for a nail polish remover). 
removal - 4/5, very good. not the best(usually pure acetone is the best but is very VERY drying) but is very fast on removal.
glitter test - 3/5, I would say this and Essie's had the same results. 
skin test - 5/5, not drying at all! loved this aspect.
Overall, the hype about this remover is pretty on point. I also love the fact that it has a push pump dispenser so that you don't have waste too much product. It is my favorite nail polish remover that I've ever come across and will definitely be repurchasing again. 


Fall/Winter Wishlist

Fall/Winter Wishlist

Ah my fall/winter wishlist...these are the things I daydream about.

1. Mac Making Pretty Collection
I basically want anything from this collection. I could not for the life of me get a hold of any lipsticks from the past two mac collections (marilyn monroe & sailor) which was more than frustrating. So I'm hoping I'll get better luck with this one.

2. Giorgio Armani Maestro Foundation
I have to try the must have foundation of the season.

3. Guerlain 'Du Dragon' Meteorites 
I cannot escape from the beautiful packaging of these meteorites. I simply must have them all.

4. Louise Young LY20
Ever since I saw this on thesassiwench youtube video on makeup brushes I was enamored. I need to have this.

5. Beanies!
I've been loving beanies recently, my must have fall/winter accessory. 

6. Frye Engineer 8r Boots
I can just imagine wearing tight skinny jeans with these boots.

7. Rag & Bone Harrow Bootie 
I saw these on Rachel Bilson and have been lusting over these ever since.

8. Zara Jackets/Coats
I really want to invest in some coats this season. Definitely a leather, parka, and military/biker coat. 

9. Leather Skinny Jeans
I've always wanted a pair and it's one of the few trends this year I would love to partake in, especially these J Brand's.

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