Vanity Envy

I've always had an attraction for makeup, I wasn't a big makeup user in high school or even the beginning of college but I admired it from a distance. I do wish I had the sense to use an eyebrow pencil in high school. lol. What I did tend to wear was maybe a little foundation, mascara, and a lined light-medium cat eye. But over the years I've learned what looks best on me. I've also collected a bit of makeup along the way. These days I've been heavily influenced by beauty bloggers to try luxury cosmetic brands such as chanel, dior, ysl, etc. I guess once you go chanel you never go back! (i couldn't find a word that rhymed with chanel in that context lol) I'm hoping one day I'll build myself a beauty closet! (ie. coco rocha) I store my makeup on my dressing table and a few drawers. I really would love a beautiful vanity table like this mirrored one below to store and display all my makeup and fragrances. But for the mean time here are some pretty images of vanities. They just epitomize being a girl, imo. 


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