Leap Day Post : All Time Favorite : Tea Tree Oil

Yay it's Leap Day. Honestly didn't really think about how big of deal this day is until I was watching the news and seeing all the people at Disneyland because it is open for 24 hours for Leap Day. Particularly when they interviewed some people who's birthday is on February 29, and I thought to myself...

if I was born on the 29th would I celebrate my birthday on the 28th or 1st when it's not a Leap Year?

Random I know.

Anywho, I guess I just wanted to post in celebration of Leap Day and start a new series for this blog All Time Favorite(s) aka my Holy Grail items. Here I will share the items I constantly use and am loyal to. With a large rotating amount of products to choose from everyday and every season these items have stood through the test of time. My first item will be the Dessert Essence Tea Tree Oil.
Of course I'm going to say how much I love this item, because duh it's one of my all time favorites. But I do love it. This is my go to pimple remover and I love that its a natural oil. In my teens I used the typical products with salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide to spot treat my pimples, which worked here and there, but as I grew older into my twenties my skin became really sensitive to those ingredients and could no longer tolerate them. I recently tried to clear up some bumps lately and experimented on a acne kit from PCA which contained benzoyl peroxide as its ingredient and let's just say it wasn't pretty. I ended up with my eyes and face so inflamed it looked like I got stung by a bee. It did clear up my skin though lol, but NEVER AGAIN. I'm one of those people that keeps trying the same thing and hoping it'll result in a different way. Oh wait isn't that the definition of crazy. :-/

So since I cannot use those ingredients on face I started researching more natural ways to clear up my skin, and that's how I came across tea tree oil. The smell is really strong, it smells like vicks and menthol. But I love it, and my boyfriend loves it too. weirdo. On wikipedia it says that the indigenous people of eastern Australia(where the tea tree originates) inhale the oils to treat coughs and colds. It is also really powerful. If you do not dilute it with water and just willy nilly smear it all over you face you'll end up drying up your whole face. It can also be used for antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and antisceptic healing. But I mainly use it cosmetically.

The way I use it is specifically for those inflamed red pimples that you know are going to grow. I don't really use it for pimples that have an exposed white head already because I don't really see a difference afterwards, I use it more like a preventive medicine. With a q-tip, I soak the q-tip first with water and then dip that into the oil helping to dilute it. Then spot treating my face very lightly. I have to emphasize on how you should not overdose your face with this oil. It's really drying. It even says on the back label Do not use full strength on face. lol. The next day my pimple is either smaller and/or gone.

I usually buy the Dessert Essence brand but I'm sure as long as it is 100% tea tree oil it should all work the same. The bottle I currently have has probably lasted me over a year because I can't recall when I bought it and I'm only half way through it and it's a .5oz. And I also have another bottle for traveling purposes so I unless I accidentally spill it all I probably wont be going back to the market to buy one of these for a long while. I have no clue how much this costs, so I'll try update that later.

Happy Leap Day!
I'm going to go watch this movie now ;-D


  1. I love tea tree & witch hazel products!
    They work so much better than anything else!
    Love India.R

  2. Replies
    1. thanks! i still need to watch it! lol

  3. I love the Desert Essence Blemish Touch Stick for blemishes, it is one of the best in my book.


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