Review: Lush Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter

I love Lush =D I've only been in there twice and I always leave with something. I actually wanted to purchase this product when I first went but figured I should wait until the next time. And the next time couldn't be sooner. On my first post about Lush I raved about how all of there products are pretty much organic and handmade. They don't use any harsh chemicals, and happily list all of there ingredients online with an explanation of what they are. Seriously go check it out.
So the Lemony Butter Cuticle Butter is simply that, a lemony smelling cuticle cream that has the texture of butter. One CON about the product is that the smell sometimes borders on smelling like Pledge but I guess it goes away after a while. The texture is pretty amazing, like buttah! As you will see in the picture it looks and sorta feels like room temperature butter. It isn't super balmy either.
I knew I had to get this product when I had gone in the first time because the sales associate had demonstrated a couple of there products, this being one of them, and my cuticles were soo soft afterwards.  Oh yah, if you haven't gone into a Lush and been given a tour of there products you should. Because they give you a little demonstration of their hand scrub routine and it's basically like getting a free hand massage, but with only one hand lol.

My verdict, go get one!

This product retails for $14.95 and you get 1.5 oz/45g


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