RMS Beauty Living Luminizer

Who doesn't want glowy skin? Matte skin is for vampires. I definitely have gone aboard the highlighter bandwagon. I would buy every highlighter I could, if I only had the means. But since I can only choose a few at a time I decided to try the RMS Beauty Living Luminizer. I have heard so many good things about this highlighter. And it does live up to its hype.

RMS Beauty is an all natural cosmetic line. Not just all natural but as stated on there website philosophy
rms beauty products are formulated with raw, food grade, organic ingredients in their natural state, allowing their living, healing attributes to penetrate and rejuvenate the skin. In their purest form, enzymes, vitamins, and healing properties remain fully intact, encouraging amazing potential for anti-aging effects. 

In the pot it is very much like a balm. It is light vanilla in color and quite sheer, but is definitely buildable. The texture is also very balm like and when worn gives a lovely dewy glow. 
This picture above shows how the sun reflecting off the highlighter on the back of my hand. It does not give off a white cast at all. The product does have a teeny tiny glitters but when swatched does not appear. I will probably later on in the week have a FOTD with this on(cross fingers, if my camera permits). Overall I'm pretty satisfied with this product and very happy to know it is purely natural and organic. 


  1. Wonder if this is available anywhere in Australia... I obsess over anything organic :)

    1. i bought this on spiritbeautylounge.com, they sell all these awesome natural and organic products and they ship internationally. also i believe that on the company's website(rmsbeauty.com) they ship to australia, but i'm not sure how much.

    2. RMS Beauty offers FREE worldwide shipping over $25, including Australia :) It arrives 2-3 weeks (3 weeks at most), but so far so good.

      If you cannot wait to receive the products and don't mind paying a higher price I know that Bathing Beauty sells it. the website is bathingbeauty.com.au

  2. Don't you just love the luminizer? I have been using it religiously (along with her other products) and soooo satisfied with the performance. Given that it is an organic line, I'm so impressed. :)

    Have you tried other RMS Beauty products?

    1. this highlighter is definitely one of my top 3. it is quite beautiful and natural on the skin. i haven't tried any other items from RMS but hope to in the future.

  3. Are luminizers really essential?
    ~Pauline @Kallony


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