Bobbi Brown Nude Peach + Nude Pink Blush

Hey Folks I'm Back!

I had a really fun albeit extremely tiring trip. The reason I was going cross country on the road was because I had agreed to accompany my culinary school friend on moving all of her belongings to New Jersey. So our trip began and  I crossed 12 states in 3 days which I can proudly say I've accomplished but will NEVER ever do again. We managed to avoid parking tickets, speeding tickets, tornadoes, and snow storms. It was actually really good weather through all the states we crossed, except for Iowa where all we saw was snow and fields of snow.

The best part of the trip of course was NYC! I think I've fallen in love lol. Like I said, I had never gone to the east coast before and now that I have I just can't wait to go back. It was 70 degrees and sunny and soo much great food literally on every corner. Not to knock on LA food but NYC comes close. I could just gush on and on about NYC but I'll stop lol. Or else that's all I'll talk about.

As far as makeup goes, I sadly did not make too many purchases. I've pretty much spent my spring makeup budget and to be honest there was not too many stores that I can't find here in LA. I did however step into Bergdorf Goodman and sad to say was not treated very nice by there employees. I wanted to finally purchase a Tom Ford lipstick but the employees at that counter were extremely patronizing and made me feel uncomfortable. So I just walked out of there. I mean the sales associates in Beverly Hills are so nice, what's the deal?!
Anyways, I have so many backlogged items I've been meaning to blog about so let me get on with that. I had purchased these Bobbi Brown blushes quite a while back now and I just would like to offer my opinion. They are from the Spring 2012 Neons and Nudes Collection. There were only two new blushes and both are going to be added permanently to the collection.
From the swatches below you can tell how sheer these blushes are, especially Nude Peach. Nude Pink does have more color when swatched, Nude Peach sort of just blends in with my skin tone. If you are darker than me I think Nude Peach probably wouldn't show (I'm 140 in MUFE or Punjab in Nars). But when used on my cheeks they both produce a nice subtle color. I like wearing these for day outings. I would probably not use these for night time events because of how sheer they are. The Nude Pink has more of a chalky appearance when swatched. They are both matte and have no shimmers(I don't know why the swatch of Nude Peach in daylight looks like it has shimmer, but I promise you it doesn't). The texture is soft and finely milled.

Here are my swatches:
Nude Peach (L-swatched R-blended)
Nude Peach (L-swatched R-blended)
Nude Pink (L-swatched R-blended)
Nude Pink (L-swatched R-blended)
I know the swatches are a little too sheer but I just wanted to show you how they would look realistically.

The quality of these blushes are very nice, but the color payoff isn't. And unfortunately they did not last more than 4 hours on my cheeks. I guess if you were looking for a natural sheer blush these would be great, but if you're like me who loves to cake on blush then I would steer away from these.

These retail for $24 and can be found in Sephora and Nordstrom.


  1. Welcome back from your trip! You're a really good friend to help your friend out with the move. It sounds like it would've been a lot of fun to travel on the road and pass through so many places. That's too bad about your experience at Bergdorf Goodman!

    These two blushes are really soft and pretty colours, but they do look quite sheer. Surprised to hear for a high end brand they don't last that long. I guess they'd be good for when you don't feel like having too much pigment, just a touch of colour on the cheeks.

    1. thanks! yah bergdorf was such a letdown. and i'm still trying play around with these blushes, hopefully i can figure out a better way to apply them so that they will last..i dunno lol


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