A Pink Dilemma

In approximately three weeks I will be entering my late twenties.
I cant even fathom becoming 30, I think I might have a nervous breakdown when I do lol. I'm sorry if you're older than me and rolling your eyes at those statements but I know you felt like that too.

In celebration, a couple of friends and I who have our birthdays a week apart have decided to throw a classy birthday bash together. It will be fabulous and hopefully look like Martha Stewart and Colin Cowie came and designed it for us. crosses fingers.

We decided that we should dress in pink and make all our guests dress in black and white, so now I have the task of finding a pink dress/outfit that will look cute on me. I dont know why but I always think I can pull off pink and then I buy a pink sweater and I never ever wear it. Dilemma dilemma.

So in my search for pink dresses I went on Asos and this is what I've found so far. 
love the back
maybe pink with flowers?
lovin' the lace right now
or should I go color block pink...

ugh. I wish Asos had a store.

Well I need to decide soon because that party is creepin' up soon. I'm hoping I find THE dress in the next week.

Anybody have any suggestions?


  1. These are all so pretty, the first one is gorgeous but I also like the one with the exposed back. I think you'd look beautiful in any of them :)

    Age is a funny thing, it really does creep up on you. I'm in my early, approaching mid-20s, and sometimes it does seem really strange. For the longest time, I was "young", i.e. in my teens, or having just turned 21 or something. And now I'm fully planted in "adult" territory and only going to get older, lol. I guess it's really about embracing your age, owning it, and flaunting it. There are good and bad points to being any age. I hope you have a wonderful and super classy, fun party with your friends!

    1. Thanks sleepandwater! I seriously need to get a move on with this dress lol.

      And time is going by soo fast these days. I swear I was just 21! It's sort of surreal sometimes, having to act like this "adult" lol. And I'm just really hoping this party doesn't turn out to be too stressful. Thanks!!


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