Sunday Riley Eyeshadows : Fall Leaves + Solstice

Taken w/artificial lighting
I purchased these two Sunday Riley eyeshadows at the Barneys GWP event last month. The Sunday Riley cosmetic line has now been featured in many different beauty bloggers sites that I knew I had to go and try them for myself. They had a beautiful selection of colors but I had to restrain myself to two. So I picked up Fall Leaves and Solstice. 

Multi-functional wet and dry formula can be used as a traditional eyeshadow or as a precision eye liner. This ultra-fine, long-wear formulation is air-milled for exquisite texture and rich, stay-true color. Micronized spherical pigment particles impart effortless blendability and instantly satisfying color payoff. Offered in a range of finishes, from matte to satin to illuminating shimmers. Paraben Free.

L-Fall Leaves R-Solstice
  • Fall Leaves is matte with bits of gold glitters. It is a light nude/khaki color with hints of gold. It looks quite bronzy in the pan but it isn't. It is a very buttery smooth and light-medium opacity. I use it as all over base color because it is quite neutral. It is also great for blending out colors. 
  • Solstice (satin-shimmer) is a beautiful light purplish pink with hints of red(very muted of course). It is simply a gorgeous color that I am in love with lol. The color can actually be quite metallic when applied wet. It is also very soft and smooth as well.  

L-Indoor C-Indoor R-Daylight
L-Indoor C-Indoor R-Daylight
The packaging is so handy when storing because of the clear lid. You can spot the shade you want to use, instead of say the individual Burberry or Chanel shadows where you have to open them up or read the back label to see which shade it is. Major plus. And even though it is a clear plastic lid, the engrave lettering on top gives it a very lux feel.

Overall, I'm very happy with the quality of this product. From the texture, wear, colors, and packaging. I would definitely recommend them to my friends(you guys) and hope to collect more colors in the future.

Each package comes with 4.8 g of product which is a lot and these shadows retail for $26 and can be purchased at Barneys.


  1. These singles are rather pricey! Do you plan to try the foundation out? I saw it featured on so many blogs!

    1. Hi Blair, yah the prices are rather high for a single. But when you think about it a mac shadow costs 11.50 and it only has 1.5 g of product. whereas you get about 3x the product for 26. so in the end the mac shadow would end up costing you more.

      and i would love to try the foundation but i still have so much other foundations that i want to finish. i am using the primer which i will review when i've formed my thoughts on it.


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