The Lip Balm Trials : Maybelline Baby Lips

 How cute are the packaging for these lip balms?!

Don't they remind you of the Stephen Sprouse Graffiti Louis Vuitton Prints?
Well I had found these on sale at Rite Aid and with my couponing skills I managed to snag these up for about .50 each. =D I've seen them around the blogosphere for a while now and was curious to see how they were.

And let me just say that these lip balms are delightful and that I really enjoy them. There's nothing negative I would say about this product. I currently use the peach kiss version and I almost cried when I thought I lost it. lol. The peach kiss has tiny shimmers in it that can be seen if you apply constantly (like I do). The peachy color does come off a bit frosty on the lips but does melt down becoming practically invisible. I believe the only other flavor I bought that has a bit of color is pink punch, which gives off a slight pink color.

It's not the most moisturizing formula, nor the most long lasting either. But it does the job when you need it.
L-R Quench; Pink Punch; Peach Kiss; Peppermint
They have an SPF of 20 and proclaim they give 8 hours moisture. But I experienced it to be more like 2 hours. But mind you, my lips are sensitive. 

The lip balms are packaged like a lipstick bullet. But I believe Maybelline has repackaged them to look like regular lip balms (ie chapstick, burts bees). I have to say that I prefer this packaging.

If you haven't tried these yet and you're looking for a lip balm I am totally recommending them. The retail price is $3.50 which is kind of steep for drugstore lip balm but partnered with a deal and a coupon they could go as low as free. 


  1. The packaging definitely reminds me of Stephen Sprouse! I haven't tried these Baby Lips that have a bit of a tint, they haven't been released in Australia yet. But my fav is the menthol Baby Lips from the original/untinted range. Glad to hear you really like these, will be looking forward to trying them out :)

    1. ooh menthol, i don't know if they had that flavor in this packaging. hmm, must of missed that one lol. i hope these do come to your shores because they're just so cute! lol

  2. Wish these would be launched in the U.K....sigh!

    1. boo! i can't believe they don't have these there. sorry to torture you, i hate those instances when i want to try a certain product/brand but they're not available in my country.

  3. $3.50 steep? This makes me hate Australian mark-up. ):


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