Dior Diorskin Poudre Shimmer Amber Lights

I acquired this highlighter quite a while ago and never got the chance to post about it. So here it is, with all its glory. 

This highlighter is simply gorgeous. It is the color of a mermaids tan.
Well that's what I imagine what a mermaids tan would look like. Sorry its late.

Anyway, I was originally planning to buy the other color of Diorskin Shimmer Star, Rose Diamond. But when I swatched Rose Diamond the color came off a bit chalky and I deemed it too light/pale for my medium skin tone.
Here is a swatch:
Amber Lights blends to this gorgeous pearly light gold. The texture is amazingly soft and buttery.  

This highlighter is quite shimmery so I use this mostly during night because it looks a bit much in the sunlight. But then again I always pile on more blush/bronzer/highlighter than I should during the daytime. So maybe it's just me...

Overall, this is an amazing product. Very beautiful on the skin and gives a wonderful glow(like a JLo glow).

This product retails for $44 and can be found at most department stores.


  1. This has been on my wishlist for a while :) Love the colour and the fact you say it's soft and buttery. I think a bit of shimmer during the day is fine for a nice glow on the cheekbones :)

    1. It's very beautiful on the cheekbones and gives off a glow like your tan but not...lol


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