Inglot Freedom System

Last March I went to NYC and the only piece of beauty product I purchased was an Inglot 5 Palette. I purchased it at their store in Times Square. There are only a couple of places you can purchase Inglot around Los Angeles and they're both in Orange County, and I haven't really found the opportunity to visit those stores...yet. 
L-R; 418 Pearl, 495 D.S., 607 Pearl, 31 AMC Shine, 372 Matte
 So seeing as I just happened to come across the Inglot store in NYC I knew I had to get something since I haven't tried any of their products. I've always been interested in getting some eyeshadows with their Freedom System. The packaging has been raved about from so many beauty gurus and I have to agree. I won't go into details about the packaging seeing as they are now pretty well known in the beauty community.

I love pigmentation of these shadows. They are super pigmented! The textures vary from color and consistency, normal for the price. I would say they are very comparable to mac shadows. But mac shadows are a bit more expensive compared to these. 

Here are the swatches:
I picked mostly bright/vibrant shades because of the color payoff. I eventually would love to pick up more shades, hopefully I'll be able to visit the stores here in Southern California in the near future.

Overall, you get more than what you pay for with these shadows. In terms of comparing them with MAC, I would say they are on the same level. But since Inglot shadows are $5/shade and MAC's are $11.50/shade, Inglot wins slightly. 


  1. How much does the package itself cost? Since each pan was $5, was the whole thing $25? :)

    1. the palette itself cost $10. So it totalled to $35. But you can just buy them w/o the palette if you have your own.

  2. those colors are insanely gorgeous!


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