Nars Ramatuelle Trio Eyeshadow

Summer is here, well in two days to be exact, and I want a beach vacation soo bad!

I just wish I could be in the lovely city of Ramatuelle, France where this eyeshadow trio got it's namesake from.
Doesn't it look so serene and picturesque?!

I guess the closest I'll be getting to that location is Nars' eyeshadow trio.

Nars translated the feel of summer and mediterranean sunsets with this trio of shadows, and is on trend with the orange.
I quite like this combination of colors. The silver and gold(temptalia calls the shade a pale peach but I don't see it) shades are quite understated and the burnt orange/peach shade acts as a little pop of warmness to the eyes.

Although I love combination of colors, there were more cons I experienced with these shadows, one was that the silver and gold shades sometimes would look a little alike.
When I used the silver and gold shadows together it was a little hard to differentiate the colors when I applied with a light hand. They are also both a tad frosty, I prefer a more metallic than frosty. The color payoff is at a medium opacity.

The burnt orange/peach shade is very subtle and is actually a great crease color in combination with the silver and gold. The color payoff with this shade was also at a medium opacity. Even though I think the silver and gold look a little similar the combination of all colors' outcome is still quite beautiful on the eye. But only with a lot of playing around. 

Overall, this trio is not really a must have in my opinion because of the color payoff and the colors can be easily dupable. It's really too bad that I didn't like this product because I usually LOVE everything and anything Nars makes. Oh well, can't win em' all right?


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