Current Obsessions

1. Doing my nails!
I love painting my nails as much as the next girl, when I'm good I usually change it maybe every week. These are my instagrams and for the past week or so I pretty much have a new color on my nails every two days. 

2. Body Mists
I have a small travel size Victoria Secret body mist in the scent Appletini that I cannot stop using. I've been obsessively using it for the past month or so and take it everywhere with me! lol Once I'm finished with this bottle I am heading to the nearest Victoria Secret or Bath and Body Works. 

3. DJ Khaled - Take It To The Head

4. Spotify
I love this app. It really has just about EVERY song ever. Very easy to use and am currently debating on whether or not to sign up for the monthly service for my iPhone. 


  1. Oooh, I love the OPI one! Gorgeous colour :) And I have my eye on this pink grapefruit body spray from The Body Shop - I use their pink grapefruit shower gel sometimes and it smells soooo good :p

    1. i just got my hands on the opi yesterday! i was on a hunt for a minty polish. it is really cute on the fingernails. and i looove grapfruit anything. i have the pink grapefruit body butter from the body shop and i use it constantly because the smell is addicting.

  2. woa, the nail colors look fantastic!
    the gradient look is my fave. ;)

    1. thanks lena! i think the 'gradient' one looks like a ceramic pot design. lol


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