Nars All About Cheek Palettes

L-Joie de Vivre R-Danmari
I think it's completely brilliant that Nars has been putting out cheek palettes. Acquiring these blushes/highlighters/bronzers one at a time would seriously put a large dent in my pocket so it's like they heard my wishes and with a discount I could collect a nice selection of them!

I loved the Danmari palette from winter and now through Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale they have put out the Joie de Vivre palette. And the color selection is just perfect! They both contain Orgasm but who wouldn't want more of that? ;-P
I've been using Luster in the Joie de Vivre palette a lot lately. It gives me a sun-kissed glow perfect for summer. It's so gorgeous. Joie de Vivre also contains the famous Laguna bronzer. 

The Danmari palette contains Hungry Heart Duo (II), Casino, Orgasm, Super Orgasm, Desire, and Sin. The Joie de Vivre palette contains Albatross, Gaiety, Luster, Laguna, Orgasm, and Angelika. 

These palettes are perfect for anyone who wants a taste of Nars blushes. The Danmari palette is no longer available but the Joie de Vivre is currently a Nordstrom exclusive. If you are interested I would go get one asap as the Danmari sold out pretty fast. It retails for $65. 


  1. Wow, the shades sound perfect. I wish I lived in the States, would definitely pick this one up! :)

    1. i wish i could help you out! maybe we should come up with a way to swap items!

  2. wow....
    how i wish Nars is available in Singapore...

    1. oh boo, sorry to tease you. but i also lust for some asian brands that are not available in states. all brands should be available everywhere i say!!


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