Scentsational : Tocca Cleopatra

I've been on this perfume kick lately, and I wanted to share one of my all time favorite scents Tocca Cleopatra. I discovered this many years ago shopping through Anthropologie. I spritzed it on my skin and sweater, and the next day I wore the same sweater and could not stop sniffing it. I was also quite surprised at how long the scent lasted. Of course I immediately went back and bought a bottle.

I would say this is a very feminine scent. I gravitate towards fruity and floral fragrances and this fragrance is definitely more on the floral side. The notes that stand out to me the most are grapefruit, jasmine, musk, and vanilla. I understand that everyones body chemistry plays a large part in how each fragrance translates, and on mine this scent becomes more floral and much more sweeter. It gives off a very musky floral. A friend of mine tried this on her skin and it did not smell as sweet. I hear Narciso Rodriguez For Her and SJP Lovely are very similar.

I cannot tell you how many times I've been stopped and asked what my perfume was when I wore this fragrance. I remember when I used to work in retail, men would ask me what my perfume was so they could buy it for their wives. I've bought bottles of this throughout the years and I will probably continue to do so. I currently have it in solid form (pictured above).

The Tocca fragrance lineup is full of many gorgeous scents. If you guys were interested, I would try the mini trio's that they sell in a pack. I'm also in love with miniature perfume bottles so I've been trying to get my hands on one of the mini trio's it seems forever.

I believe Tocca is sold through Sephora and Barneys.

Have you tried Tocca fragrances?

PS. I'm hoping to start blogging more frequently. I apologize for my long absence, it's been a little busy these past couple of months for me. I also have to admit that I was on a bit of a makeup ban but who am I kidding, how can you avoid all these beautiful holiday collections?


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