My Fall/Winter Shoes

As much as any girl loves her shoes(and I collect loads of them), during the summer I pretty much live in flip flops or sandals. So I usually use the fall/winter months to play around with my footwear.

Theses shoes are what's on heavy rotation this upcoming season. 

Clockwise from upper left.
Brogues/oxfords - I have been waiting a good 6 months to a year for these puppies to go on sale and when the finally did I snatched them up. I love the grey tone to these oxfords because you can really wear them with anything without looking too dressed up. Frye Delia Saddle Oxfords
Heeled booties - These are a laced version. But I've been eyeing the Rag & Bone Harrow Boots(but who am I to spend $500 on shoes right now?!!) But I've these pair of shoes for over 2 years and they have surprisingly have kept in tact. Especially since they're from Forever 21.
Low heeled booties - I love these shoes! They are very comfortable and you really match these with anything. I've been planning to wear these with some fun tights and a cute dress. Sam Edelman Petty
Loafers - These are super trendy right now, and I honestly wouldn't have bought them if it weren't that reason. I simply saw these on so many girls and thought 'you know what they are cute' and had to get a pair myself. I stuck with a black velvet version. These are from Zara, and they are bit painful to break in but eventually that subsides and they are really fun and dress up any outfit. 

What are your favorite fall/winter shoes?


  1. Gorgeous shoes! Love the brogues - they're so pretty, love the pink and the grey :) The loafers are really cute as well.

    1. Thanks! Definitely worth the wait lol.

  2. i love your oxfords! wish i could pull of something like that.
    i wear basic heels, a heeled booties and lots of knee-length boots in winter.
    rain boots are very important after snow as well. ;)

    happy thanksgiving!

    1. i can totally see you wearing oxfords! what's funny is that I have no knee length boots, I should try and invest in some.


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