Essie 'Mambo'

It's been a while.... 

While I have been MIA for four months I have missed posting. To be quite honest, I placed myself on a makeup/beauty product ban because I have way too much makeup that I could possibly need. But old habits die hard and let's just say that didn't last too long. 

So let's try this again.
Here goes. =P

I have more than fallen deep for nail polish during 2012. I had barely a box of 10-20 nail polishes during the beginning of 2012, and that quickly reached to over 80+ by the end of that year. It was really the year of nail polish for me. 

I purchased Essie Mambo pretty early on during my polish craze. I probably purchased this way before I really got into brights and glitters. It is a beautiful nude color and almost foundation looking on the nails. It has a bit of gold micro-shimmer in the bottle but is undetectable once on your nails. I had been wearing so many brights these past few months that I wanted to give my 'nail look' a little break for something a little tame. I feel like a classy Hampton's housewife with this color. lol

I've really come to like this color and I think it suits my medium tan coloring pretty nicely. The formula is a bit streaky so I would be careful and patient when applying this. Otherwise, a really lovely nail polish color. 

Here is on my nails. 


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