White Musk

It would be wrong of me to not share one of my most used and loved products that I've only acquired these past few months. It happens to be a fragrance, and even though I have a number of fragrances in my disposal, I have been going back to this particular bottle almost everyday. Thank goodness it isn't expensive and it doesn't even come from a famous fragrance house(not a 'luxury' brand). It is The Body Shop's White Musk.

It is quite unremarkable and simple yet very addicting. I love smells that are powdery, musky, clean. This upholds each of these categories to the tee. It is not so complex and is something I don't even have to think twice when I spray it on, almost bordering onto a body mist imo. I have the eau de toilette version so it's basically a body mist to me anyway. The scent is not strong and does fade but gradually and just slightly lingers on your skin throughout the day. Really the essence of this fragrance is more than the powdery, musky, clean notes but memories of my childhood. I always love when I can link a certain scent to a great memory of my past.

Along with the bottle I use the body lotion along to help keep the scent with me all day. I have already used up the whole bottle of lotion and am more than half way with the fragrance. I will definitely be repurchasing when my bottle runs out.  


  1. White Musk is a lovely fragrance, it smells really comforting to me. I used to be obsessed with Body Shop fragrances when I was in high school - but White Musk is a perfume that I still use to this day :)

    1. it's definitely very comforting for me as well. i use it to calm my mood sometimes. glad you liked this scent as well!


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