The Lip Balm Trials : Peter Thomas Roth Lips To Die For

It is taking all of me to not repurchase what has become my favorite lip balm(a little melodramatic I know), the Rodin lip balm. I've written it about here. But I have so many other lip balms to go through so I've told myself to hold off until summer. We'll see how that goes.
Throughout winter I have been using the Peter Thomas Roth Lips To Die For Pink Bombshell Lip Balm, longest name in the world. Not as awesome as Rodin's but it does the job. The texture is quite waxy, almost like pomade. But I've noticed that this texture allows the lip balm to have great staying power. It is a staple for my night routine, I wake up in the morning with the balm still heavily on my lips. As well as feeling plump and moisturized. The scent is of a sweet ripened mango, and as a lover of mangos this is a plus. Just knowing that the concoction of shea butter, avocado oil, aloe, mango butter, and vitamin E, makes my lips feel so nourished.
The balm also has lip color enhancing properties. So when placed on the lips they give off a cooling sensation. I would assume that for women who have a problem with pale lips this would help bring out a little color. I haven't noticed a big difference with my lips, but that's probably because my lips are naturally very pigmented. Overall, I have been nothing but satisfied with this product. I am quite eager to try other Peter Thomas Roth products especially the Instant Mineral Powder


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