What's On My Nails For Spring

I am relieved but stunned that spring is just around the corner. A whole season has just passed and bam its March. Time flies by too quickly these days. 

But hey, that just means I get to pick out a cool new color scheme for Spring nails. So in honor of Spring here are some colors I'll be sportin'.

With only one pastel shade my picks for Spring are a blend of sophisticated and fun. Think business during the day but party at night. Starting with my first two choices are Revlon Enchanting and Essie Splash of Grenadine. Now Revlon's Enchanting is a version of Essie Playdate and Rimmel Wild Orchid. After many attempts of trying to find Essie Playdate I decided to google and find myself a dupe. I found both Revlon's and Rimmel's versions and decided that the Revlon out-shined(literally) Rimmel. Revlon Enchanting has purple/pink microshimmers but is not noticeble on the nail. I just love love love this color, it sits on the line of being a vibrant purple and pastel purple at the same time. I have been wearing it for much of February and suits my skin color very nicely.
Next is Essie Splash of Grenadine and I had worn this color all summer last year and I still cant get enough of it. Just a beautiful pink/purple mixture. Gorgeous on the toes. My most sophistcated picks are OPI I Don't Give a Rotterdam and Essie Mambo. Both are suitable enough for the office but offer a chic element to your outfit. Color Club's Covered in Diamonds is my glitter pick. I have been looking for a holographic glitter for quite some time. I have also been eyeing YSL's Premiere Neige top coat, but cannot find it anywhere. Covered in Diamonds adds an incredible look to any nail color. It can be a little chunky and jagged but the outcome of this polish is too beautiful to pass. Last is my color obsession this past month(as you can see in my past post). I'm loving mint green anything at the moment and on the nails OPI Gargantuan Green Grape is just that accent I'm looking for to tie into my obsession.

Have you tried any of these shades?


  1. That Color Club glitter is stunning! Always love your nail polish picks :)

  2. i have the essie splash of gredadine!! such a perfect pink for spring with a touch of purple. ;)


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