By Terry Ombre Blackstar Blond Opal

This is one of those products that I probably would've never been interested in if not for someone mentioning them in a youtube video. But once I heard 'creamy' 'long-lasting' I needed to get my hands on one. And I don't really own too many cream eyeshadows, especially stick forms. 
I have to attest that this By Terry's Ombre Blackstar cream eyeshadow in Blond Opal is extremely creamy. With the high price tag I certainly hope it would exceed expectations, and it sure did. Blond opal is a light champagne cream color with a pearlescent finish. It's pigmentation is at a medium opacity but the finish is just so gorgeous even just used on its own. I love shadows that let you do an easy one shadow look.
I have tested this shadow stick with and without a primer and I would say it works 75% without a primer. I might of had an off day with super oily lids when it creased on me. This shadow paired with a black cat-eye liner is the perfect 'classic' eye look. It lends a very sophisticated look and the whole application is just a breeze. I am looking around for other eyeshadow sticks and hoping to find other great colors. I would love to also try Misty Rock, Bronze Moon and Paradise Island. These sticks are on the pricier side at $43, but imo well worth it. 


  1. I can see this looking very elegant and classic with black eyeliner :) Glad such a pricey product didn't disappoint! My favourite eyeshadow stick of late has been the KIKO ones as I've harped on about before - it's just so good :)


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