Hiking Adventures: Las Tunas Canyon Trail

In the spirit of 'I'm going to post whatever I want', I'm going to share some weekly progress reports on my training for Mount Whitney. I know that this is completely unrelated to beauty but seeing as this is my blog I could probably post about chess strategies too, meaning it is what it is. And let's be honest here, no one is probably reading this. 

To give a little background info, I will be hiking Mount Whitney in late August(along with 5 other people). Mount Whitney happens to be the highest peak in the lower 48 states. It is approximately 22 miles roundtrip and reaches at a peak of 14,500 feet. I am extremely excited yet anxious. But new challenges are always a thrill for me and it has been so much fun discovering hiking spots within southern California. 

Here are a few backlogs of some previous hikes.

Las Tunas Canyon Trail

Not much shade or water scenery, and this is considered a moderate hike because of the steep incline on some hills. But those can be avoided by using the fire road for an easier hike. Many trail bikers frequent this spot and we waved hello to their GoPro's. I really liked the challenge of the hills, so I would definitely go back here again and again. This is located in Tujunga, CA and can be accessed on the 210 freeway off Las Tunas Road. Check it out if you're interested in a good hike. 


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