Summer Summer Summertime

In trying to revive this blog I'm going to post my summer wants and wishes. 

Summer 2014 Wishlist
Clockwise from top left: 
  • The gorgeous prints from paperfashion have definitely been an obsession since I've discovered her on Instagram. The combination of her beautiful illustration and fashion/beauty is the perfect idea for profiting off girls 12 to 100. Seriously, why couldn't I be good at drawing?
  • I have no idea why I haven't gotten myself one of these brushes yet. How can I even call myself a beauty addict when I don't have one of these in my possession?! I don't know, but I must get my hands on some Real Techniques brushes asap.
  • I already own one Dior Fluid Stick in 753 Open Me, but ever since I saw Tiny Pink swatched on the Beauty Lookbook I knew the shade has to be mine. 
  • Oh yes, high waisted is definitely back. Fashion is not my forte and I would say if something trendy has hit my radar then it has probably been in so called fashion for at least 2-3 years. (Real talk/no shame) I'm going to try and hoochie it up this summer, so of course high waisted shorts are a must.
  • I need a pair of shoes (no I don't) for summer. Correction, I need two pairs of shoes for summer (more like it) and these beautiful Steve Madden Stecy heels in leopard print have been calling my name saying "Jackie let's go to the club while you're still young". And these Zara Leather Sandals are just begging to come home with me. I tried them on in store (and they're on sale) but I'm still waiting to see if the sale will increase. 
  • Lastly, these wrap skirts in particular have intrigued me. I'm not much of a skirt user but I have wondering if the asymmetrical style will be flattering on me. These styles are pretty popular on instagram at the moment and so I'm hoping to see them more in stores for a closer inspection.  
Side note: Yes, it has been a while. I am most certain that no one (but my mom and friends) looks at this pitiful blog (thanks mom and friends), but I definitely have wanted to return to blogging. It became this self conflicting issue where I felt my opinions became irrelevant since there are hundreds of other beauty bloggers who do it so much better than I do. But who cares right?! It should be about what I want to post anyway, so I'll try and get myself out of that mindset and back to making blogging fun again.


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